Sunday, June 27, 2010

Six Months Pregnant with Alivia Grace

Today I am officially six months pregnant with Alivia. She's quite the kicker. I can already see her kicking me on the outside. Tonight, we were all watching her kick me and laughing every time we'd see her. Anthony couldn't believe how hard she could kick already. He thought for sure she had to be hurting me but it didn't hurt at all. She's definitely the most active of all three babies so far. Aidan and Ava were quiet during the day and kicked up a storm at night. Alivia not only kicks up a storm at night as well, but thinks it's fun to do all day long, too.

I go for my next check up on Tuesday. I know they're probably going to want me to do the glucose tolerance test, but I don't think I'm going to do it. I haven't had any problems with gestational diabetes in the past, and the test itself makes me really sick, since I had gastric bypass and the stuff I have to drink does not digest well at all. I'm excited to hear her heartbeat again. July 15th we go for our 3D ultrasound. I can't wait to see her little face! It's always so amazing to see them like they were right there.

This pregnancy seems to be just flying by. I can't believe I'm six months already. The last trimester is right around the corner. And she will be here before we know it! It seems like this one is going so much faster because I know it's my last one and I'm trying to hold on to every little part of it for as long as I can so that I don't forget or something. If circumstances were different and I could be a stay at home Mom, I would have even more kids, but that's just not the case for me, so three will have to be enough. And I think it's plenty :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

So here it is. My new and improved blog. Try to contain your enthusiasm!

It's been almost 24 weeks into my third pregnancy. So far, it's been mostly smooth sailing. I feel much better now than I thought I would. I have my fair share of aches and pains, but it's nothing unmanageable with the help of a massage and an adjustment here and there from my chiropractors. I used to think chiropractic was a big joke until I actually gave them a shot. What a difference! This baby has by far been the most active of all three. She is a little girl, due October 17th, and her name is Alivia Grace. Her brother, Aidan is about to turn seven and her big sister Ava Marie just turned three in May. Those two are like night and day and have really started into the sibling rivalry already. When I think about Alivia joining the madness, I get really nervous. However, my fiancé Anthony will be here this time to help out, whereas when I had Ava, I was alone. Thank God he will be here to help because I don't know how I would handle the stress alone this time. If Alivia is born around her due date, she will be a Libra. Libras are supposed to be easygoing and sociable, idealistic and peaceable. If she's later than the 22nd of October, she will be a Scorpio. Scorpios are obstinate, powerful, determined and forceful. Ohhh boy. This girl better take on the Libra characteristics or I'm in for quite the challenge! But either way, my family is growing by leaps and bounds and I couldn't be more excited about it. I've always wanted a big family of my own, and I'm making that happen. Will Anthony and I ever get married? Most likely, eventually we will. But that's the least of our worries right now. We've gotta focus on the baby and getting ready for her big debut before we can worry about us.